Tombstone photos are a special way of preserving the memory of people who are no longer among us. We often perceive photographs as a link between the world of the living and the dead. In this way, we preserve the image of a loved one, which is a symbol of their presence. It is without a doubt an eye-catching addition to the tombstone. At your request, we can make tombstone photos in color, black and white or sepia. When creating tombstone photos, we are primarily guided by sensitivity and deep respect for the deceased person and their bereaved relatives.

High quality of tombstone photos

We use modern technologies while creating tombstone photos. Due to this, the tombstone photos we have produced can be distinguished by very high resistance to all weather conditions, primarily to strong sunlight. What is important, photos produced on crystals or porcelain can be easily mounted. We offer standard, convex or thin porcelain, as well as crystals, beveled or straight. Standard and convex porcelain are glued with a special silicone (included free of charge to each piece for individual customers, and for business customers - free of charge only for colored standard photoceramics). Thin crystals and porcelain are mounted on the tombstone using a specialized tape prepared by the photoceramic manufacturer. Importantly, before installation, remember to clean the gravestone and properly press the crystal / porcelain, which allows you to permanently attach the photoceramic or photocrystal to the monument.

We are constantly improving our offer to ensure the highest possible level of services in the field of tombstone photography. We offer competitive prices, tailored to your needs. Each tombstone photo taken by us is characterized by exceptional care and aesthetics. We provide professional editing and the possibility to choose any, even the most unusual, shape of the photo for the monument.

Photoporcelain - a product for years

It should be mentioned that all our photo porcelain products are extremely high-quality products - thanks to this, they are not only resistant to harsh weather conditions, but also stand out for their extraordinary aesthetics for many years. It is extremely important for many clients with whom we have already been able to work. We produce our tombstone photos with the use of special ceramic paints on porcelain. The shape of such a porcelain photograph can also be easily matched to a tombstone - it is worth taking into account its shade, shape and style.

Matching the photoceramics to the tombstone

Our clients also often decide to place an image of not one, but two people on the same tombstone photograph. This is a frequent choice for people who want to mount it on a tombstone with the name of a married couple or large family tombs. We make photoceramics in many sizes and shapes - we offer, among others oval, square and rectangular photoceramics. Customers can quickly and easily personalize photoceramics on our website - so they have the choice of, for example, the mentioned size, but also the possibility of receiving a color, black and white or sepia photo. In addition, when configuring the photoceramics, there is also an option to add, for example, a background, additional clothing or a sentence.

Thanks to our extensive experience, we have gained the recognition of customers looking for a reliable and proven photoceramics and photocrystal producer.