Photocrystal is a great choice for the thumbstone
Thanks to the proven resistance to changing weather conditions, photos on crystal are the beautiful idea to honour the late family member.


Which photo to choose for glass?

We produce photocrystals from a photo sent by the customer in the resolution of at least 300 dpi, in jpg, jpeg, tif or png format or from the original photograph sent via regular post.
The original is sent back to the customer along with the photograph taken on the crystal.
Note: The better the quality of the output photo, the better the effect will be. Poor quality, a small photo spread over a several times larger crystal surface may not be enough to obtain the desired result.

Shapes and forms

Opal Fotoceramika offers two types of photocrystal shapes - simple and phased (with a bevelted edge). All available shapes and sizes are to be found in our Offer section. The most popular choice for our photocrystal is phased rectangle in the size 9x12. Orders can be placed through our website, via email or regular post. We have all the crystal shapes and sizes available in our warehouse immediately, so ordering an unusual shape means the same delivery time as in the case of the standard one.

Price of the photocrystal

All the current prices and available formats are posted on the Pricelist page in the main Menu. If you are interested in the business cooperation, please contact our office to receive the offer for partner companies. You can gain access to the discounted prices by registering as a company on our website. If you would like to calculate the price depending on different options, use our online order creator that shows the dynamic changes in price while chooseing different parameters.


Montage instructions for photo on glass

All photocrystals purchased from Opal Fotoceramika are delivered already prepared for mounting. The crystal is prepared with the mounting tape that is resistant to all weather conditions. To each photocrystal we include the printed instruction and also a degreasing and cleaning cloth to make sure the correct mounting instructions are followed.

See the written mounting instruction here

Photography on glass ordered from Opal Fotoceramika is ready to stick directly to the polished surface. We invite you to watch our instructional video showing the installation of a photo on a crystal on a tombstone.

See the video instruction here

Pictures on the crystal

A photo on a crystal is another way (next to porcelain) to honor your deceased relatives in a special way. Pictures on crystals are characterized by unique aesthetics, elegance and timeless class - they allow you to pay respect to the deceased and keep his person in memory. It is worth remembering that the better quality photo you send us to make a crystal, the better the finished product will look on the tombstone. It should be added that crystals with photos are resistant to changing weather conditions. Thus, you can mount the crystal on the tombstone for many years without fear. We offer our customers two types of shapes - simple and phased.

Beautiful photocrystals - immortalizing loved ones

Photos on crystals, but also porcelain, can be found more and more often in nearby cemeteries. It is a way to pay tribute to our deceased loved ones, but also a way to keep their memory alive. Importantly, the crystals can be adapted not only to our individual expectations, but also to the nature of the monument on which they are to be placed. The assembly of the crystals is extremely simple - each crystal is glued with a specialist assembly tape - resistant to changing weather conditions. Before assembling the crystal, read the attached instructions - proper installation, observing all the indicated rules (including prior polishing of the surface), is a guarantee of keeping the crystal on the tombstone for many years. We also guarantee lifetime durability and aesthetics of colors. We encourage you to familiarize yourself with the price list on our website. For an additional fee, we also make it possible to take photos on crystal in sepia, but also to renovate the photo, make a new photo design and make other modifications, such as changing or adding clothes or adding one more person to the crystal photo. Thus, you receive a photocrystal that is maximally refined and meets your expectations.

Why are photos on crystal more and more popular?

Because of a few reasons. First of all, a photo on glass is a very good way to keep people close to us in memory and permanently immortalize their image on a tombstone. Secondly, the crystals retain their appearance very well for many years, still looking aesthetically pleasing. So there is no fear that after some time you will have to replace them with new models. Thirdly, the crystal can be well matched both to the size and style of the tombstone (modern, classic) or its shade. Such a crystal can be very simply and quickly placed on any type of tombstone, both single and double, as well as a photo of one or two people - to choose from. What is extremely important - it is important that the photo sent to us is of the best quality - then we are able to guarantee the same high quality of the crystal and very good color reproduction.

Many crystals to choose from

We offer our clients photosglass, which can be freely configured when placing an order. We offer, among others crystal in the shape of a rectangle, square, octagon, but also parchment, heart or book. Crystals are available in many sizes, e.g. 9 × 9 cm, 15 × 15 cm (in the case of a square), but also 11 × 21 cm or 15 × 31 cm (parchment-shaped crystal). For example, a chamfered rectangle in the size of 9 × 12 cm is very popular among our customers. When placing an order, please provide, among others: information such as the number of people on the crystal (one, two - for an additional fee), color, format and accessories (e.g. clothing, background, profile, phase, etc.).