Photocrystal is a great choice for the thumbstone

Thanks to the proven resistance to changing weather conditions, photos on crystal are the beautiful idea to honour the late family member.


Input photography
We produce photocrystals from a photo sent by the customer in the resolution of at least 300 dpi, in jpg, jpeg, tif or png format or from the original photograph sent via regular post.
The original is sent back to the customer along with the photograph taken on the crystal.
Note: The better the quality of the output photo, the better the effect will be. Poor quality, a small photo spread over a several times larger crystal surface may not be enough to obtain the desired result.
Shapes and forms
Opal Fotoceramika offers two types of photocrystal shapes - simple and phased (with a bevelted edge). All available shapes and sizes are to be found in our Offer section. The most popular choice for our photocrystal is phased rectangle in the size 9x12. Orders can be placed through our website, via email or regular post. We have all the crystal shapes and sizes available in our warehouse immediately, so ordering an unusual shape means the same delivery time as in the case of the standard one.
Price of the photocrystal
All the current prices and available formats are posted on the Pricelist page in the main Menu. If you are interested in the business cooperation, please contact our office to receive the offer for partner companies. You can gain access to the discounted prices by registering as a company on our website. If you would like to calculate the price depending on different options, use our online order creator that shows the dynamic changes in price while chooseing different parameters.


Montage instructions for photo on glass
All photocrystals purchased from Opal Fotoceramika are delivered already prepared for mounting. The crystal is prepared with the mounting tape that is resistant to all weather conditions. To each photocrystal we include the printed instruction and also a degreasing and cleaning cloth to make sure the correct mounting instructions are followed.