About us

Opal Fotoceramika is the first and the biggest company in Poland to produce photoceramics in full colour based on computer augumented techniques. We are one of the biggest photoceramic producers in Europe. We produce photographs on porcelain and crystal in about 1000 different shapes and sizes. We are the only polish company that works based on ISO 9001 Management System Certification. We are cooperationg with companies across the globe and have delivered our products to over 3000 companies in Poland and abroad. We colaborate with companies in the USA, Canada, Belgium, Norway, Sweeden, Denmark, Ireland, Germany, Finnland, Belgium, Czech Republik, Mexico, Austalia, Slovenia, Russia, Ukraina and more. We are proud to be setting the standards in our field in Poland and in Europe.

As the first company in Poland:

- we have produced the first photoceramic in full colour using computer augumented production process
- we have worked out the technology to produce the photocrystals with durable colours that are resistant to all eather conditions
- we have introduced the digital tombstone photography
- we have incorporated the computer use in retouch and graphic design of photoceramics
- in 2014, as the first company in Europe, we have introduced to the market the interactive QR-code photoceramics that allow you to access the online obituaries
- we have received the ISO 9001 Management System Certification in 2015


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We are ISO 9001:2015 Certified! We have successfully gone through the process of audits, verification and certification by the international company Lloyd's Register LRQA, Birmingham, B37 7ES, United Kingdom.
Opal Fotoceramika is delivering the highest quality photoceramics and photocrystals of sciantifically proven durability and resistance to weather conditions. Our claims have been confirmed and attested by the Glass and Ceramic Insitute in Warsaw (now knows as Insitute of Ceramics and Building Materials).
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