The most important is high quality/resolution meaning with many visible details on the face (no blurred lines). If you choose to change the clothing for something with lower neckline, keep in mind that the neck should be visible on the photograph so that it would not need to be artificially added. The higher quality of the photo input, the higher quality of the final product.
We kindly ask you to send us the original photograph (not reproductions if possible) and please do not staple them. We will send you the original photo back. We use it just to scan it with high resolution on professional scanners.
Computer print-outs are mostly not suitable for photoceramic production. You can use prints to show changes or mark things and use it as a template.

Our customers tend to choose standard oval plates in the sizes 7x10 cm or 8x11 cm.

The production process itself takes about 2-3 days. Sometimes it is necessary to repeat the process so we ask you to be prepared for about 10 working days. Keep in mind that the delivery is dependent on the external company.

We advide you to change the backgound. It is free of charge and it gets rid of the shadows and small imperfections that could be more visible on the fired porcelain.

It is best to attach a written description with distinctive details (for example: the man in the black shirt, the person holding the flower). It is also helpful to sketch the photo and mark the person on the draft. We kindly ask you to not mark the person on the original photo.

The main parameters that we need to know to proceed with your order production are: material, shape, size, colour and optional changes like mirror image, change of the background, clothing, or the additional stripe on the porcelain. To omit any misunderstandings, we ask you to give us detailed information on what you are ordering, especially what kind of background and clothing should we change to.
Please, provide us with your contact information in case we needed to ask you about specifics for your order.

In such case, the graphic designer preparing your order will make decissions based on their experience. Our highest priority is our customers' satisfaction and we try to provide you with the best quality of the products. Sometimes the customers are not aware of small technical nuances that influence the final appearance of the photoceramic. Our default background for black&white photoceramics is white and for the colourful - blue gradient. It may however differ depending on the specific case. For example, if the b&w photo is overexposed, we may use the light grey background so that the face will be visible. If you do not agree to such changes, please let us know.

Our main and mostly used plaques are standard plates. We produce most of our photoceramics on this type of porcelain. Thin and thick plaques are used on request. We provide the biggest selection on the market.

Standard photoceramic

Standard placques (approx. 7 mm thick) - technology that uses moulds and press during the production process guarantees the repetitiveness of the porcelain plates and their perfect dimensions. Flat, standard tiles allow for a better transfer of the photograph in terms of colours and lines compared to the thicker, convex placques.

Convex photoceramic

Convex placques (approx. 12 mm thick) - produced in Poland with traditional method of pouring the fluid porcelain into the cast moulds. Convex tiles may differ in sizes about a couple of milimeter due to the production technology. You need to take that into consideration while deciding on the type of photoceramic. The colour of thicker tiles is also a bit differen from the white standard tiles. Convex placques are cream-coloured and you may notice spherical aberration of the photograph.

Thin photoceramic

Thin placques (approx. 1 mm tick) - produced using a very durable type of technical porcelain. The placques are not transparent, even black tombstones are not visible through the tile. Thin plates are most suitable for modern tombstones and we recommend them to the customers who are looking for a less traditional looking photoceramic.

We recommend ordering via our website provided that the customer is able to obtain a high quality image of the photograph. High quality means clear image with many visible details on the face (not blurred!). If the scan is not of a high resolution or the image obtained differs in quality from the original photograph, we ask you to send us the photograph by post so that we could use our specialized scanners to acquire highest possible quality. We will send back the ogirinal photo with the finished product.

To adhere the porcelain plaque to the tombstone we suggest using only a particular type of the mounting silicone. We provide you with a free tube (or a couple of tubes for bigger plaques) of the technical silicone to each colourful photoceramic. You can order additional silicones on our website. Please follow the instructions from our YouTube video showing you how to adhere the placque:

and also for mounting the photocrystal:

The colour space of the ceramic paints used for photoceramic production is narrower than the range of the colours possible to obtain with regular toners and visible on the monitors. Moreover the monitors emit the light that increases saturation and vibrancy of the colours. It is impossible to obtain some of the colours without sacrificing the durability and UV-light resistance. The experience of the graphic designers specializing in the photoceramic toners gives us the possibility to obtain the most similar colours and the difference is almost unvisible to the customers.

No, thanks to the special toners that are dedicated to such conditions. Our products were tested in the Ceramic and Glass Institute and passed them all. We give you a satisfaction guarantee that grants you the right to return the product if you are not happy with the result. We guarantee the quality of our photoceramics and their colours. Please keep in mind that golden and silver stripes are not made with photoceramic toners and the guarantee does not include the stripes.

We are the only photoceramic company that give you a full satisfaction guarantee (to our knowledge). According to our own standards we grant the customers the possibility to return the product if they are not happy with the result. Our guarantee does not have a timeframe so it is lifelong. If you would like to receive a refund, please send back the product with the receipt and the return form and we will reimburse you. If you would like to complain, send us an email or use a contact form on the website.

For shipment abroad, we offer a variety of couriers. Our long cooperation with Poczta Polska gives you the lowest prices but if you prefer to use a different courier to receive the package faster, please contact us to determine the shipment price for you specific order.