The clickable catalog offers an overview of available porcelain and crystals on which we take photos for tombstones. It also contains all additional products from Opal Fotoceramika, such as mounting silicone for photoporcelain or plastic frames for photographs on monuments.

Clicking on the name of the selected article will redirect you to the page where prices are displayed.

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What's free
What's free
  • materials for mounting according to the rules:
    • for photocrystals: cleansing and degreasing wipe and ready-made mounting tape
    • for thin porcelain: pre-glued mounting tape
    • for colored porcelain standard and convex: mounting silicone (individual customers also receive free silicone forblack and white and sepia porcelain)
  • retouch small dirt, rivets, staplers, stamps
  • adding text or QR code
  • change profile (mirror image)
  • background change
  • adding a black stripe
What's free

Photo prices for monument

The price list contains detailed information on the costs of photos for monuments, such as porcelain tombstone photos, photos on glass, as well as additional elements, e.g. silicone for mounting ceramics. The products are covered by a lifetime warranty of color durability and have a durability certificate.

We care about the environment, which is why price lists and catalogs are available online, and printed catalogs are delivered at the request of business customers.