Mounting photocrystal to the gravestone

How to stick a photo on a crystal to a monument?


For each photocrystalline ordered in Opal Photoceramics, you will receive a special cleaning and degreasing wipe and instructions for proper installation.


  • The photo on the crystal is ready to stick directly to the clean and polished surface of the monument (A).
  • The surface must be dry and free from dust, grease and all chemicals.
  • After cleaning the surface, it should be additionally wiped with a cleaning and degreasing cloth included with the package.
    Note: Do not use glass cleaners as they leave a layer of silicone on the monument, which may cause the crystal to fall off over time.
  • After peeling off the protective film, press the crystal very firmly against the statue and hold it for a few seconds. Crystals with a larger surface area should be additionally secured for a few hours so that the glue has time to set. Pay special attention to firmly pressing the upper edge of the crystal.
  • The ambient temperature at the time of sticking should be higher than 5 degrees Celsius
  • In the case of a rough surface, mounting plates available from Opal Fotoceramika (B) should be used.


The most important thing when installing the crystal is a properly prepared surface (clean, degreased with a tissue) and firm pressure of the crystal to the monument. The larger the crystal surface, the harder and longer the tomb photograph should be pressed.


In the case of large sizes, the pressed crystal should be additionally secured for a few hours.



Video instruction for sticking the photocrystalline to the monument: