A Christmas gift idea for grandma or mom

08.12.2023 08:51
A porcelain souvenir locket with a selected photo of a shared memory or a photo of grandchildren or children will be a great and unique Christmas gift idea. Instead of buying another set of cosmetics, slippers or a scarf, choose an unusual and sentimental gift in the form of a medallion.

🎁  The holidays are coming and we have the perfect gift for you that will surely be remembered and stand out from the typical gifts. In addition, our porcelain souvenir medallions will not break your budget, because they currently cost only 9 euro!


Christmas gift idea for Grandma

👵🏼👩‍👧 For Grandma or Mom who deserve something special, we have created unique works of art. Why is it worth choosing our medallions?

Personal Sentiment: Each locket is a unique piece that can be personalized with a photo, name or date. It's not just a gift, it's a story about shared moments.

Durable Souvenir: Made of the highest quality porcelain, our medallions will retain their beauty for years. It is not just a gift for a moment, but a lasting souvenir that will accompany many holidays.

Elegant Design: Our medallions are not only a sentimental souvenir, but also a stylish accessory. They have been carefully designed to delight not only with their meaning, but also with their appearance.

🎄 Give a unique gift that will capture emotions and memories! Order our porcelain keepsake medallions today and see how the holidays become even more magical.

🛍️ Choose your own photo that you want to put on the medallion and place your order on our website:       ORDER        

Let's celebrate together - with our medallions, every holiday day becomes unforgettable! 🌟


Our store also offers frames (Oval Filetto, Oval Barocco, Round) for medallions but we encourage you to use the services of a local jeweler to frame the medallion with a pedant and a chain.