Processing time for a photo for a monument

How long does it take to produce a photoceramic or photocrystal for the monument?

We take photos of the monument within 3-4 business days. The maximum processing time is 10 business days if corrections are necessary. Photos with gold and platinum stripes are produced one day longer.

We make every effort to ensure that orders are ready as soon as possible. We encourage you to place orders via our website, which significantly reduces service time.


What does the process of producing a tombstone photo look like:

1. Placing an order - our office accepts orders from our online creator and app and forwards them for graphic processing. Orders via e-mail and traditional mail are entered manually into the system by our employees, so these methods of placing orders take much more time and often require a phone call to the customer to determine details such as missing information about format or shape.

2. Graphic processing - at this stage, the photos are prepared for printing in the appropriate color, format and shape. Here we change the background or clothes, remove dirt, staples or rivets, and make sure that facial features are clear.

3. Printing - we print the prepared files with specialized toners on appropriate paper intended for photoceramics and photocrystals.

4. Chemical treatment and firing - ready prints are chemically treated, which ensures a durable structure and appropriate gloss of the photographs. The crystals additionally gain a white layer that guarantees better color reproduction and opacity. We fire porcelain and crystals in ceramic ovens at a very high temperature, which ensures that the paints properly blend into the structure of the tile or glass.

5. Gold and platinum strips - porcelain items that should have an additional gold or silver frame are fired again with the applied strip. Gold and platinum require different firing temperatures, so they are applied separately and fired again the next working day.

6. Completing orders - after cooling, the finished photoporcelain and photocrystals are placed in appropriate orders, often there are several or a dozen products in one package. We pack them with the ordered accessories and freebies (silicones, wipes, instructions) and generate order labels.

7. Shipping - packed parcels with shipping labels attached are waiting to be picked up by the courier and then delivered to customers.

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