Mounting the porcelain plate to the gravestone

How to stick a tombstone photo on a monument?


To adhere the porcelain plaque to the tombstone we suggest using only a particular type of the mounting silicone. It is crucial to NOT let the water under the porcelain. That is why the undisturbed line of silicone is necessary.


We provide you with a free tube (or a couple of tubes for bigger plaques) of the technical silicone to each colourful photoceramic. You can order additional silicone tubes on our website. Please follow the instructions from our YouTube video showing you how to adhere the placque:





Directions for use:

1. The surface of the monument must be dry, free from dust, dirt and grease.

2. Put the silicone directly on the porcelain, paying attention to the tightness and continuity of the joint at the edges of the photoceramics.

3. Press the photoceramic to the monument, hold it for a moment and collect the excess silicone that has leaked out from under the surface.

4. The silicone starts to dry after 5 minutes.