Headstone Selection Tips

What tombstone to choose? What are the types of headstones?

Choosing a headstone is a very important decision that can be difficult and emotional. It is worth taking the time to thoroughly familiarize yourself with the market offer and choose a tombstone that will meet all our requirements. When choosing a tombstone, you should consider not only the material and color of the tombstone, but also the style of lettering for the monument, or the type of photo for the monument. What aspects should be considered when choosing a tombstone?

Types of tombstones

Tombstones are a place of remembrance and tribute to the dead. There are different types of gravestones that are available in the market, such as single, double, family multi-person graves, children's gravestones, and urn gravestones. Single headstones are the most common choice as they fit most burial site sizes. Double tombstones, in turn, are intended for two people and allow for the burial of, for example, a married couple, being an expression of love and closeness between them. Due to the increasingly difficult access to a burial place in Europe, especially in large cities such as Paris, Rome, London, Barcelona or Berlin, it is worth considering a family tomb, which can be obtained by expanding an existing tombstone. Cremation is becoming more and more popular every year, making urn gravestones the best choice for a type of burial.

Marble or granite headstone

Marble and granite headstones are two of the most popular types of headstones available in the market. Marble is a beautiful, natural stone that has an elegant appearance, but its soft structure makes it more susceptible to mechanical damage and weathering. Granite, on the other hand, is harder and more resistant to external factors, making it more durable and durable. Therefore, granite headstones are often chosen by people looking for a durable and resistant material. It is best to go to the Stonemason in your area and consult the choice with the selected Funeral Home. Sandstone tombstones are also available on the market.

Where to order a tombstone - at a stonemason or funeral home?

Usually gravestones are ordered in a stonemason's workshop, because they are specialists in this field who have the right tools, machines and knowledge to make and install tombstones. Stoneworks offer a wide selection of materials, patterns and motifs that can be adapted to individual customer needs.

However, in some cases, funeral homes also offer headstone ordering and installation services. In this situation, the funeral home may work with a local stonemason who supplies the stone and makes the tombstone, and then the funeral home installs it in the cemetery.

Ultimately, the decision of who to choose to order a tombstone depends on individual preferences and needs. Regardless of whether you choose a stonecutter or a funeral home, you should choose a trusted and experienced contractor who will provide high quality and professional service. Both funeral parlors and stonemasons offer tombstones with ready-made lettering, a photo for the monument and installation of the tombstone.

How much does a tombstone cost? Does the lowest price for a tombstone count?

The cost of a tombstone depends on many factors, such as the type of stone, the size and complexity of the design, the number and type of sculptures, inscriptions or ornaments, as well as the location of the stonemason's workshop. The prices of tombstones can vary significantly depending on these factors, but also on the brand of the stonemasonry and their reputation on the market.

It is worth remembering that choosing the lowest price for a tombstone does not necessarily mean getting the best product. Choosing the cheapest offer may lead to the purchase of a low-quality tombstone, which in turn may result in the need to replace the monument after a few years. In such a situation, the final cost may be much higher than in the case of investing in a better quality tombstone from the beginning.

Therefore, before choosing a stonemasonry, it is worth carefully analyzing the offer, comparing prices, quality of materials and services, and getting to know the opinions of other customers. It is worth focusing on the quality and durability of the tombstone, which will decorate the grave for many years and will be an expression of respect and remembrance for the deceased loved ones.

Choosing a tombstone is a very important decision that should be made consciously and thoughtfully. When choosing, it is worth being guided by your own aesthetic preferences, but also durability and costs. Thanks to this, by choosing the right tombstone, we will create a beautiful place of remembrance for our loved ones.