Preparation of the tombstone surface

There is a lot being said about the correct montage of photoceramics and photocrystals to the surfaces. Nevertheless, there are many complaints that reach the producers concerning the insufficient durability of the silicone or double-sided tape that holds the photograph to the tombstone. Each time the complaint reaches the producer, the backside of the product is examined. Most of the cases, it is visible that the way of mounting the product to the surface was faulty. More often than not, the backside is covered in dust, sand meaning that the tombstone was not properly cleaned resulting in the photoceramic or photocrystal falling off of the stone.

Why is it so important to properly clean and prepare the surface? In the case of the special silicone for ceramic montage there is a wider margin of error. The non acetic silicone allows for a quick montage without the worry of durability, as long as the line of silicone is uninterrupted so that the water cannot get under the ceramic tile. We add the special silicone to each photoceramic in colour for free. Our individual clients get the free silicone to each photoceramic. You can also order additional tubes in our order form.

ciągłość spoiny silikonowej

 Photo. Make sure that the silicone line is uninterrupted around the whole edge of the photoceramic.

In the case of photocrystals, cleaning the surface of the tombstone from dust, dirt and grease is the most important step, not to be skipped, during the mounting process. It is just as important as a very firm pressure that is supposed to be put against the photocrytal tile while adhering. It is crucial that the surface of the gravestone is free from grease. That is why the window cleaners are NOT recommended. Why is that? Window cleaners are supposed to leave the surface clean and shiny. For photocrystal mounting, our surface is not supposed to be shiny at all. The greasy film that the window cleaners leave behind is the reason why the double-sided 3M tape does not properly hold. It is vital that the tombstone surface is degreased and cleaned. We attach the free of charge cloth that is supposed to be used after the first cleaning of the surface. Please follow the instruction below as to the direction of the cloth cleaning.

odtłuszczanie i oczyszczanie płyty pomnika

Photo. Degreasing and cleaning of the tombstone in the place where the photocrystal will be mounted is crucial for the proper adhering.

mocny docisk kryształu do pomnika

Photo. Very firm pressure is supposed to be applied to the photocrystal while adhering.

chusteczka oczyszczająco-odtłuszczająca do pomnika

Photo. Degreasing and cleaning cloth that we attach to each photocrystal purchased form Opal Fotoceramika.

poprawny schemat wycierania pomnika

Photo. The correct direction of wiping the surface with the cloth. Make sure the grease is not spread using the scupping motion.