Dimensions of tombstone photos for a monument

Photos on porcelain, photoceramics, tombstone, tombstone, photography on glass - anyone who plans to order a tombstone photo may come across many terms and concepts. It is worth understanding what are the appropriate dimensions of these photographs to ensure the appropriate aesthetic effect and timeless, classic appearance of the monument. There are several factors to consider when choosing the dimensions of tombstone photos for a monument.

Why are dimensions important?

Choosing the right dimensions for a tombstone photo is crucial. A photo that is too small may be unreadable and may not fully reflect the beauty and meaning of the original image. On the other hand, a photo that is too large may be difficult to mount on a monument or tombstone, overwhelming and disturb the visual perception of the monument's slab. Therefore, it is necessary to find the right balance that meets both aesthetic and practical requirements.

  • Gravestone size:
The photo should be properly proportioned to the tombstone. Too small a photo can lose its effect, while too large can dominate the rest of the composition. Try to find a balance so that the photo is visible, but at the same time does not overwhelm other elements.

  • The clarity and detail of the monument photo:

It is important that the photo is clear and detailed enough. Avoid low-quality images that may lose their detail when fired on porcelain. Choose high resolution and care about the details that matter to you and your family.

  • Gravestone photo proportions and orientation:

Decide whether you prefer landscape (horizontal) or portrait (vertical) format. By default, all porcelains and crystals depicting one person are made in a vertical orientation. When ordering one photo with two characters, the default orientation is landscape. If you want a different arrangement, be sure to pay attention to it when placing your order. You can order an additional paid design if you want to make sure that you have chosen the right arrangement of the tombstone photograph.

Pictures on porcelain

Porcelain photos, also known as photoceramics, are a popular choice for many people who wish to commemorate their loved ones on gravestones. To get a classic look of a tombstone, it is worth choosing the most popular dimensions. Typically, photos on porcelain are 7 x 10 cm or 8 x 11 cm. A popular format for grave photos is also 9 x 12 cm. These sizes are suitable for most monuments and tombstones. For larger memorials, larger photos such as 20cm x 25cm or 20cm x 30cm may be considered. However, remember that dimensions may vary depending on individual preferences and local traditions. In our offer you will find many different shapes and pre-decorated grave porcelain proposals.

Photography on glass

Glass photography is another popular method of commemorating loved ones on gravestones. As with photos on porcelain, there are common dimensions that are worth considering. Typically, photos on glass are 8 x 11 cm or 9 x 12 cm. These sizes are easy to mount on most grave markers and memorials. If you prefer larger photos, you may want to consider sizes such as 11 x 15 cm or 13 x 18 cm. Remember that the final choice depends on your preferences and individual space requirements. Pay attention to correct assembly. The larger the crystal, the more carefully secure it for the first 24 hours after installation, so that the glue has time to set. Be sure to press the crystal firmly against the plaque, as the mounting tape is activated by pressure.