Medallions are an original and unique gift idea for people who are important to us

An elegant, tasteful, high-quality product will be a perfect and unique way to highlight the feelings that bind us with our loved ones. Order a porcelain medallion with a photo of your choice at Opal Fotoceramika.


Input photograph
We create photos on the medallions from a photo sent by the customer in a resolution of at least 300 dpi, in jpg, .jpeg, .tif, .bmp, .png format or from the original photos sent via regular post. The original photograph is sent to the customer along with the medallion. Note: The better the quality of the input photo, the better the effect will be.
Shapes and sizes
All available shapes and sizes can be found in our gallery of shapes, after selecting the category "Offer - Porcelain - Standard - Medallions". The most preferred shape of a medallion is an oval in the size of 18x24 mm. All medallions are available in our warehouse immediately, so ordering an unusual shape means such the same lead time as for the standard one.
Price of medallions
All applicable prices along with available formats can be found in the Pricelist section. If you are interested in business cooperation, please contact our office in order to obtain an offer for cooperators or log in with your company information to create a business account. If you want to know the price of the order depending on the selected parameters, we encourage you to use our order form, which, after selecting the main guidelines, shows the price dynamically - depending on the change of selected parameters.
Locket frames
Opal Fotoceramika offers porcelain photos on medallions that will be perfect as a precious gift for a loved one. We offer a wide selection of shapes and formats. We invite you to familiarize yourself with our offer. You will also find some examples of plastic frames in it. We also encourage you to use the services of your local jeweler to frame the medallion and choose the appropriate chain.

Medallions with a photo - a souvenir for years

The photo medallions we offer are a unique, almost timeless souvenir for many years and, what is important, they are back in favor again. We can give them to our loved ones, but also order them for ourselves and have the most important people and memories close to us. It depends on us what the photo on the medallion will represent - a selected person or perhaps an important event. Thanks to their elegance and high quality, to which we attach great importance, they are a unique piece of jewelry. Medallions with a photo can have different shapes: oval, circle, rectangle, square, but also a heart. The most popular shape is the 18 × 24 mm oval. We also have other sizes, such as 9 × 13 mm, 16 × 20 mm and 19 × 25 mm.

A charming accessory and a unique gift

Medallions bring to mind ancient jewelry, but we make them in a modern, popular version. Thanks to this, they are a charming and classic accessory for everyday use, but also a beautiful gift for many occasions and a souvenir. Importantly, ready-made medallions with a photo can be framed by selecting the appropriate chain from a selected jeweler - according to individual preferences.

Medallions ordered in our company can be maximally personalized, thus creating extremely individual jewelry with a unique character. It should be remembered that the better quality photo we get from the client, the better it will look even on a small medallion.