Heart Asymmetric Flat Right

Photoceramics in the shape of an asymmetric flat right heart are available in two sizes. The non-obvious shape with a slight asymmetry makes it possible to diversify the decoration of the monument in an interesting way. Asymmetric right heart means that the lower spike of the heart is slightly shifted to the right. When arranging a family monument, you can also use photoporcelain in the shape of an asymmetric flat left heart to create a unique composition.

Tombstone porcelain asymmetric heart flat right allows you to immortalize the image of both one person and two figures. Considering the asymmetric shape of the heart, please pay attention to the positioning of the figure on the photoporcelain.

Tombstone photoporcelain is mounted to the monument with the use of specialized mounting silicone, which we attach free of charge to each color porcelain, and for individual customers - also to each black and white porcelain.

You can quickly place an order for a heart-shaped tombstone photograph by clicking on the link of the selected format and color from the table below. To access low prices for photo porcelain for business customers, we encourage you to log in to your customer account and provide your business details.

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Symbol Size Color photo (gross) Black-white photo (gross)
  • O832
  • O833
  • 8 x 9 cm
  • 10 x 10 cm
  • PLN 148.00
  • PLN 231.00
  • PLN 148.00
  • PLN 231.00