Montage silicone

Mounting silicone for gluing porcelain to the monument. For each color photo (and for individual customers - also for black and white photos) we provide a free mounting silicone. If you want to buy additional silicone tubes, please choose this product.


Instructions for assembling porcelain to the monument with the help of our specialized silicone presented in the form of a video:



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Mounting silicone is used to stick standard and convex porcelain to the monument. Thin porcelain is mounted using a specialist double-sided tape already glued to the product. More information about the types of porcelain can be found in our knowledge base, in the article on thicknesses of gravestone porcelain.


When applying silicone to photoceramics, it is very important to maintain the continuity of the joint to prevent water from getting under the tile. The excess silicone should be squeezed out into the center of the porcelain.


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