Heart-shaped photo porcelain

One person on a heart-shaped photoceramic

When placing an order for photoceramics, it is necessary to pay attention to the position of the figure on the plate. This applies both to the frequent need to change clothes, when the photograph shows only the head and the clothes are invisible, but also to the situation when heart-shaped porcelain is ordered. Customers willingly decide on a porcelain heart, not taking into account that integrating the bust into the shape of the heart will make the person quite low, below the indentation. Visually, this causes a disproportion of the silhouette to the plate. Heart-shaped porcelain dishes are a very good idea for connecting two people, e.g. marriage.

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ustawienie osób na porcelanie w kształcie serca

photo: On the left, a visualization of one figure placed on photoporcelain in the shape of a heart. The person is below the indentation, it is necessary to move the character down. On the right, there is a visualization of two figures in a tombstone photograph. Characters can be placed higher.

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