Photo of just the face and photoceramics

It often happens that the client attaches a rectangular photograph prepared for new documents, i.e. in close-up, where only the person's head is visible. When placing an order for photoceramics, especially when it comes to small porcelain, that often forces an even greater approximation of the figure. In this case, the need to match the photo to the outline of the ceramic results in even greater cropping of the figure or the need to change clothes in such a way as to obtain more space at the disposal. When we do not have a choice of different photos or we are determined to take a specific photo, then it is worth considering how this photo will look after fitting it into the expected shape of photoceramics.

porównanie kadru zdjęcia na pomnik

Fig. From the left:  (1) a close-up photo provided by the client, (2) the default frame without changing clothes, the head fills the entire china, (3) the frame in the distance requires a change of clothes or "making up" the missing shirt marked in orange

Customers often expect the frame on the left, i.e. moving the figure away to reduce the size of the head on the photoceramics, but the clothes are not visible in the photo provided. In this case, the photo is cropped as on the right by default to avoid having to redraw the clothes, which may look unnatural. If you expect a distant frame, it is worth deciding to change clothes right away to get more space:

dorysowanie ubranie na fotoceramikę
Fig. On the left, a frame in the distance after changing clothes. On the right, a default frame from a photograph showing just the face itself.

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